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Our website features a number of different pages which go into detail about our different services, from emergency roof repairs, to new roof installation (including a dedicated flat roofing page), fascia replacement, roof tile replacement and chimney repair. But what if you’ve been searching for roofers covering the Chislehurst area, and simply want to see at a quick glance a description of what they best excel at? That’s the purpose of the page below: to provide a surface overview of how Nicholson Roofing assists its loyal domestic and commercial client base on a day-to-day basis.

How Our Roofers Help Chislehurst Clients

Roof Repairs

It can feel disastrous when something goes wrong with your roof, and you may be bracing yourself for a heavy financial hit. But if you’re careful in choosing the right roofers and do your due diligence, you can find highly effective, affordable roof repairs in the Chislehurst area; for example, by calling in Nicholson Roofing. We handle all aspects of pitched and flat roof repairs, whatever the issue.

Flat Roofing

Ideal for outbuildings, extensions, and all sorts of other different single-storey structures, modern flat roofing systems are increasingly sophisticated, long-lasting and cost-efficient. Our roofers offer Chislehurst clients a few different options when it comes to flat roofing systems: torch-on-felt, GRP Flexi Tech 2020, and all types of liquid coatings. To learn about each and its respective benefits and potential drawbacks.

Roof Tile Replacement

One of the most common roof repairs we undertake is roof tile replacement. If you've noticed one has been dislodged or altogether fallen from your roof, give us a call. Our team will visit and assess the damage, the vulnerability of adjacent tiles, and importantly – the exact product which is missing. This ensures the roof tile replacement will perfectly match those around it, and not impact kerb appeal.

Chimney Repair

Our roofers in Chislehurst regularly visit both domestic and commercial properties to carry out chimney repair. Common issues include the failing of lead flashing due to wear-and-tear, or improper installation, degradation of brickwork, blockages and structural failings. If it’s been a long time since your chimney was last looked at, or you can see it’s looking well past its sell-by date, we recommend giving us a call before anything untoward occurs.

Fascia Replacement

A failed fascia can let in moisture, pests, and lead to all sorts of knock on issues that eventually require roof repairs. Luckily, we provide a fascia replacement service, fitting both timber and uPVC fascias and other constituent roofline elements on both modern, and classical properties throughout Chislehurst.

New Roof Installation

Alongside our range of cost-effective, convenient flat roofing systems, we undertake pitched and lead new roof installation for clients throughout Chislehurst. Using your choice of tiles to complement the architectural style of your property, those that surround it, and your own unique sense of aesthetics, we’ll build something that’s energy-efficient and set-up for a problem-free existence standing up to the elements.

Emergency Roof Repairs

Not all roof repairs can wait until morning, and not every issue will give you fair warning before it strikes! But what do you do if it’s an unsociable hour? You call in our roofers, who provide emergency roof repairs in Chislehurst and all surrounding areas. Leaks, buckles and even collapses – we’ll swing into action and prevent the issue from worsening, before undertaking the required repair work.

Let our roofers assist you in developing or restoring your Chislehurst property, whether via new roof installation, fascia replacement, or another service detailed across our website. Simply call 07814 237820.