Pitched & Flat Roofing Service| Best Roofers in Beckenham

We’d love to flatter ourselves and believe that every individual, tradesman and company in Beckenham knows our roofers to be the best choice for anything from a new roof installation, to roof repairs and fascia replacement, it’s simply not the case. Ours is a competitive industry, and even when your work is immaculate and all around for people to see, it can be hard to get your voice heard. With that in mind, we’ve looked to try and convince you, website visitor, that Nicholson Roofing is the ideal choice for everything from the fitting of flat roofing, to emergency roof repairs, chimney repair, roof tile replacement and fascia replacement. How? With some very concrete examples, of course!

Why Choose Nicholson Roofing for Projects in Beckenham?

Perfect Checkatrade Rating

Even many of the most prestigious, best-loved roofers operating around Beckenham struggle to obtain the illusive 10/10 rating on Checkatrade; even the most minor of issues with a new roof installation or roof repairs project can lead to discerning customers shaving off a point or two! But at Nicholson Roofing, we’ve managed to maintain a perfect 10/10 score over the course of over 84 reviews as of writing this today. They range from those who’ve used us for fascia replacement or chimney repair, to emergency roof repairs or the installation of a new flat roofing system. So whatever you require, know true excellence is waiting when you bring in our roofers.

25 Year Guarantees

Did you know that our work comes with 25 year guarantees on workmanship, on top of any standard manufacturer warranties? This can provide real peace of mind whether it’s a new roof installation, e.g a GRP Flexi Tech 2020 flat roofing system, that you’ve invested in, or roof repairs for your existing one. We can offer this because of how confident we are in our teams capabilities, their aptitude in modern techniques that make them the Beckenham area’s favoured choice for all things roofing, including chimney repair and fascia replacement.

Total Project Management

Over the years spent serving Beckenham and its surrounds, we’ve honed the art and science of project management. From first point of contact you’ll receive friendly advice, a free estimate, and then a schedule of proposed works. Whether it’s new roof installation, the replacement of flat roofing, roof tile replacement, chimney repair, fascia replacement or roof repairs, we endeavour toward quick turnaround times, within a pre-agreed budget, without ever compromising the standard of workmanship our roofers in Beckenham have become famous for.

An Emergency Lifeline

Not all roofers offer emergency roof repairs, working within standard hours. But at Nicholson Roofing, we want to be saved in every Beckenham resident’s phonebook, so that if the worst happens and you spring a leak in the middle of the night, you have a reliable and effective solution that will spring into action immediately.

Discover more about our pitched and flat roofing services by calling our friendly roofers, who cover Beckenham and all surrounding areas. Reach us on 07814 237 820.