Chimney Repair in Beckenham, Chislehurst & All Surrounding Locales | Nicholson Roofing

Even if you don’t actively use your fireplace, a chimney can be an attractive element which adds kerb appeal to your property; it would be a shame (and a serious hassle) to get rid of it. However, chimneys can also prove problematic – especially if they aren’t well-maintained and kept secure. In these cases, they could collapse and fall from the roof, causing serious damage to peoples and property below. Luckily, Nicholson Roofing is at hand to provide professional chimney repair and maintenance services. Covering the areas surrounding Beckenham, Bromley, Chislehurst and West Wickham, we have a stellar reputation for a combination of fantastic workmanship and flawless customer service.

Due to how devastating incidents with a damaged chimney can be, we recommend semi-regular inspection. They stand up to inclement weather all year round, and this can lead to the erosion of brickwork and rendering, leading to structural vulnerabilities. Some of the most common chimney repair work we undertake for domestic and commercial clients around these locations includes:

  • Chimney Stack Repair
  • Fixing Leaks
  • Correcting a Leaning Chimney
  • Restoring Eroded Brickwork, Stonework & Rendering
  • Repointing
  • Dealing With Broken Pots, Cowls & Flaunching

Our roofers are also capable of constructing attractive, fully-functional chimneys which can be integrated within an existing or new roof, if you’ve tasked us with working on a new build project.


Nicholson Roofing also serves Beckenham, Bromley, Chislehurst, West Wickham and its surrounds as a leadwork specialist, ensuring your roof is kept 100% weatherproof year-round. Lead flashing can sit at the various points the different elements making up your roof meet, as well as along its edges or at the bottom of a chimney. But over a long enough span of time, wear-and-tear can compromise it, leading to an array of related issues such as leaks.

Leadwork can be found on both pitched and flat roofing, and is used as a sealant due to its resistance to corrosion and combustion, as well as its long life-span, recyclability and neutral look. Whether you need existing leadwork replaced, or a team of leadwork specialists to work on a brand new pitched or flat roofing system, shoring up vulnerable areas in an effective, clean manner, why not give us a call?

You can reach us our roofers on 07814 237820. Whether for a new flat roofing system in Beckenham, or leadwork and chimney repair in Chislehurst, with Nicholson Roofing you can be assured of a job well done.