Questions Answered by Your Roofers in Bromley | Nicholson Roofing

When do I know it’s time to invest in a fascia replacement?

If you have a very old timber fascia that’s seen better days, or continually suffers from warping, rotting or splintering, then it may be time for a uPVC fascia replacement. This material is immune to the aforementioned issues, and a better choice for the modern Bromley property. Repeated issues, such as moisture getting inside your roofline due to vulnerabilities in your fascia, or a shabby look that is inhibiting kerb appeal, are also great reasons to contact our roofers and inquire about fascia replacement.

What types of flat roofing system do you install in the Bromley area?

Our roofers specialise in the following flat roofing systems: GRP Flexi tech 2020, torch-on-felt, and all forms of liquid coatings. Each type of new roof installation in this category has its own distinct benefits and drawbacks, which you can learn about on our dedicated flat roofing page.

What constitutes emergency roof repairs?

While many roof repairs can wait till tomorrow, some should not. Perhaps the most common example of emergency roof repairs we provide in Bromley, for both pitched and flat roofing systems, is the leak. It doesn’t matter if it’s a slow, steady dripping or a torrent – water getting into your roofline can cause all sorts of dangers and issues, from damage to property, to the weakening of your roof structure, or even the risk of an electrical fire. Call our roofers immediately if you notice one.

Why might I require chimney repair?

The most common reasons Bromley clients require chimney repair is the degradation of lead flashing, brickwork and structural elements of the chimney. Considering their position, exposed to the elements unceasingly and all year-round, it’s no surprise that a level that these things can gradually erode. We urge you to bring in our roofers for chimney repair if you’ve noticed – or a professional has noticed during a routine inspection – a high level of wear and tear, or some kind of structural instability. A chimney stack falling from your roof could cause serious damage to peoples or property!

How do you ensure perfect matching with roof tile replacement?

As respected, veteran roofers covering Bromley and its surrounds we have strong supply chain links and know the product ranges of leading manufacturers like the backs of our hand. After surveying your roof, we’ll go away and take the time to locate the exact product – or one that is indiscernibly similar should it no longer be in production – that makes up your roof. The aim is for a roof tile replacement to be totally unnoticeable, thus preserving your property’s kerb appeal.

What other forms of new roof installation, besides flat roofing, do you offer Bromley residents?

In addition to the aforementioned flat roofing systems, our Bromley roofers construct traditional pitched and lead roofing systems which are built to last.

Have a question not answered in the above FAQ? Bromley residents can call our experienced roofers on 07814 237820.